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Support the company

As the impact of the pandemic continues, our goal is to keep providing a space where our audiences can share their stories freely and bravely.

Your financial support can help us produce virtual performances by covering both artistic and production costs, as well as marketing. Most importantly, it allows us to offer our performances on a sliding scale, allowing people to pay what they are able. 


The outcome

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Your tax-deductible donation enables VPT to:

1. Provide all of our members with training to increase our understanding of the bias that affect many in our audiences, so that we may avoid perpetuating stereotypes onstage.

2. Provide New York area youth with opportunities to train and perform in applied theater.

3. Bring our very unique form of theater to more organizations in New York and beyond.

4. Cover the costs for rehearsal space rentals, and transportation for company members to/from performances and workshops.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you're not in a position to donate, there are other ways to get involved that would still be a big help!
Please assist us in spreading the word about our campaign by telling friends, family, coworkers--anyone you think might be interested in the work we do.

If you're interested in joining the company or collaborating with us in any way, please fill out the form below: 

Thanks for submitting!
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