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Organizations & Projects
(an abbreviated list)

Rivington House Residency

In our first year, we spent 12 months at this AIDS hospice in the lower east side of NYC developing our craft while performing patient's stories.

Going Mental: Stopping Mental Health Stigma

Partnering with Citiview Connections Clubhouse, we trained adults with severe mental illness and together we performed shows for communities throughout Queens, NY.

LGBTQ+ Performances

Two collaborations - one with NYC Queer Playback Theatre, and the other the V.A. Hospital in NYC has resulted in several shows for the LGBTQ+ community and allies.

The Bridge

Performances for clients at this community-based outpatient programs for adults who are seeking assistance managing their behavioral health conditions and addictions.

Sing Sing Prison Residency

We worked with over 25 prisoners who presented 4 Playback performances electing stories from their peers.  For the last performance, the public was invited into the prison to share their stories.

Child Protection Services Vicarious Trauma Training

Contracted by CPS, we created a training series to help workers identify signs of vicarious trauma among the staff.

Racial Inequality

As a result of our commitment to racial justice we've continue to produce shows like "The Skin You're In" to amplify stories from the BIPOC community.

Milestones (2022)
Showing Up! (2022)
What's your N(ew)ormal (2021)
Making the pieces fit together (2021)
VA NY Harbor Pride (2021)
Re-Membering Resilience (2021)
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What's your N(ew)ormal_

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Milestones (2022)

At our performances, we invite audience members to share stories about a moment that commemorates a milestone or anniversary in their lives.

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